Soundque’s Live Internet broadcasting solution streams “one-to-many” LIVE sports, concerts, presentations, meetings and other events directly to the viewer from our global content access network. From online training and product launches to prospect outreach and virtual event creation, this solution presents an innovative way to use the Internet to cost-effectively communicate and interact with users in real time. We specialize in providing live interactive webcast solutions to help businesses and associations communicate more effectively. Our years of experience in webcasting makes “one to many” communications easy and affordable.

The key to a successful webcast is to deliver the best possible viewer experience. Our approach to creating great viewer experiences is to first build the best web based creation and delivery system, and then combine this with actual live producers who work with each one of our clients on a personal basis. We have found that this combination of excellent technology and experienced, caring professionals will create a consistently high quality viewer experience, which directly relates to a satisfied business client.

We encourage you to check out the many samples and demos on our web site. We are confident that you will find our demos easy to access, and compatible with all popular browsers on Windows and Mac based computers. As you watch our demos, you will notice that you are not asked to download special software, you will not be asked to disable your pop up blockers and you will simply have an easy time watching high quality, interactive audio and video examples. This ease of use combined with high quality delivery is exactly what your audience deserves and expects.

A high quality webcast reflects positively on your image. When it’s time for you to hold online concerts, sporting events, festivals, seminars, earnings calls, training and more, you should pick a vendor that delivers a great viewer experience. We want to be your vendor. Please call us today and tell us about your event. Let us help guide you to deliver a great viewer experience.


We have more experience than most, and can troubleshoot just about any setup. Need production? We can do that. Need consulting? Give us a call. Need distribution? 24 hours a day, on any of our channels. Looking to expand to the next level? Let our experienced pros help guide your organization to the goals you want to achieve.


We are there for you from setup and testing through the end of your event. We watch, we monitor your audio and video, and we help you when issues arise. Even better – we help your fan base! Live US based tech support.


We work with you no matter how large or small – 1 camera to multiples you will find our pricing to be reasonable.

Basic Services Include

  • Do an on-site inspection, sort out all your requirements and develop step-by-step solutions.
  • Provide the camera crew, audio engineers and encoding technicians. (2-3 cameras usually)
  • Provide the live stream via our internal content delivery network.
    • broadcast truck onsite, approx. 15′
  • Work with your site developers so it is easy for them to integrate the webcast on your site’s pages.
  • Provide technical support during your live event.
  • Live chat Q&A for online viewers to “talk” to the speakers.
  • Pay-Per-View ticketing with monthly payout post-event as applicable
  • Insert your trailers and bumpers and even ads/sponsor announcements in the live stream. We also have a pre-roll option
  • Deliver viewing statistics that week, includes city,state and country as applicable.
  • Create an archive copy of the webcast to display on your site after the event is over.
  • Feature your broadcast on an applicable broadcast channel.
  • Promotional marketing, social networking, press releases and event advertising included.
  • audio setup or line from onsite direct feed as applicable.

To discover how Live Webcasting will maximize your bottom line, call us at 1-734-675-7325, or contact us here.