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Welcome to SoundQue Multimedia Services – your live streaming video provider in HD for streaming and network TV broadcasting. We specialize in live broadcast video & audio streaming. We work with you no matter how large or small – 1 camera to multiples you will find our quality and pricing the best in the business.

    We have EXPERIENCE – we have fully produced thousands of live events for clients around the US. From 2004 through today, we bring you professional production values and experience. Let us BRING THE WORLD TO YOU.
    We currently have video and audio digital broadcast channels that cover many different formats and subject areas. Our services include live webcasting and development of streaming technology. Our broadcast trucks travel to your location – no additional camera crew needed. We can also provide audio.
    These are just a few of the industries and technologies our video streaming service supports:


    Pro, Amateur, and everything in between. From 2-10 cameras in a compact mobile setup. Can include commercials, motion graphics, CGI, instant replay, professional announcers. We are a content provider for ESPN and other networks – talk to us about your OTT and traditional cable needs today.

    Your event can be broadcast live, delayed rebroadcast, Pay-per-View, on-demand, in a secured password-protected area, or privately over an intranet.

    Bring us your idea – we will broadcast it!

    Live Sports, Concerts, Festivals & Events
    Sporting events include free to air and Pay-Per-View
    Live Interactive Auction Services
    Live Training/Education & Informational Seminars
    Press conferences, town hall meetings, and trade shows
    live hospital/ surgical procedures

    Conferences, Training, Seminars and Government

    Need support for your CEU’s? Let us provide the advanced training your employees need. Press conference coverage and seminars? Easy-Peasy.

    Transparency of government? County, city, trustee…we can livestream and archive your meetings and committees.

    (we have even broadcast a live surgery for physician training!)

    Opera America National conference, coast to coast live streams connected Vancouver, BC Canada with NYC HQ.

    We travel to your location, and market your event to our audience

    Need a crew in your location? No problem, we travel. Our fleet broadcast trucks and mobile broadcast units are manned by experienced staff at reasonable prices. Call us for a quote today.

    Bring us your idea – we will broadcast it!

    Most video is watched on the go. In the stands at a sporting event? Watch the other teams in your league! (links to our app HERE and HERE) Commuting on public transportation? Get a concert/festival/performance delivered right to your phone or tablet. Tested comprehensively on a number of mobile devices, we continue to support new and emerging technology while supporting the older formats some users need.

    Work with the experts!

    SoundQue’s webcast of my show “The Accidental Hero” was watched by a group of men in The Czech Republic whose hobby is re-enacting the WW II liberation of Czechoslovakia.  The Czech’s Independence Day–May 8, 1945–commemorates the end of WW II and the Nazi domination of their country.  My show is set during the end of the war and includes the liberation of the Czechs.  So after watching the webcast the Czechs contacted me and on May 8, 2012 I will be performing my show in The Czech Republic.  It is an extraordinary connection, one not possible without SoundQue’s global reach and expertise.  It blows my mind. In 2017 we will be doing another webcast with them live from the Czech Republic, where the original historic events are set.

    — Patrick Dewane

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      Marketing to your audience since 2004
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      We grow with you – no project too large or too small
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      Your videos to your audience, not mashed in with random content.
      Web, television, OTT we support it all for your project.